October 21st, 2007, page 2


Here I have started the mockup of South Bishop. The main line is in the front, and the hoppers are sitting on the branch line that goes to Tonopah (staging).



This picture was taken at my standing height (5'11") so the building does a good job of blocking the view of the branch line, which is the top track, from going thru the backdrop.



We now have more track taped down to see how things look. I also added the big building flat to the backdrop, which is the Owens Valley Produce building, the biggest shipper on the line. Even from this veiw, you still cannot see the branch line going into the backdrop.



Here is a close up. The locos are sitting on the branch line.



One last overall view. I'm still trying to decide if I should have one or two tracks go to the Owens Valley Produce building, with a loading dock between them.


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