October 21st, 2007

Working on the layout goes in spurts with me, and this is one of those "get alot done" spurts. With this update, I glued down the main line all the way around to the drop down bridge and laid out where the south yard throat will go. I also had been thinking about a branch line, and finially found out where to work it in at. The branch line will go from South Bishop to hidden staging, represending Tonopah, Nevada. I figured I could put a turnback curve in under the helix and have enough room for 2 tracks of staging on the opposite side of South Bishop. The only problem was getting the track thru the backdrop in a believable way. And with some building mockups, I think I did it.
I also mocked up the building for one of the biggest customers on the layout, Owens Valley Produce. When completed, this business will be shipping out 30+ carloads of produce each "day" (operating session). The prototype Southern Pacific would ship out 4 TRAINS a day during peak produce season, which they called the Salad Bowl Express, in the San Joaquin valley, which is just on the other side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains from the Owens Valley. Even though the Owens Valley is not as rich in farmland as the San Joaquin Valley, it still manages to produce it's share of food. Now I just have to assemble a fleet of reefers!



Here is the branch line going to Tonopah, Nevada, which will be 2 staging tracks. I was able to get this in under the helix.



Here is an over view of the helix, which I had started gluing down the homasote strips for the track. The Tonopah staging tracks are located on the opposite side of South Bishop.



Here we are on the other side of the helix, and I am putting down the sub roadbed for the Tonopah staging tracks.



The staging tracks will loop around and end here. The main line and the town of Mammoth will be located right above the staging tracks.



Back over in the yard, the main line is glued down and the turnout templates for the arrival/departure tracks are taped down. The yard lead for this side of the yard is in front.



Here is the south yard throat laid out and waiting for ties to be glued down.



I also have done more work on the main yard throat.



Looking toward the south end of the yard. Each yard track will hold around 15 cars.


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