October 14th, 2007

Yes, it has been a month since any work was done to the Owens Valley Sub., but I have a good excuse. Vacation! Check out the pics I took while in Colorado by clicking here.
So, back in the layout room, I finished the benchwork and put down the homasote for the south end of the yard at Bishop. I also messed around with laying out some turnout templates to see how things will come together on this side of the yard. It's a little harder to do, since I have to contend with the drop down bridge. Anyhow, not much to look at in these pics.



Overall view. I had to cut up the benchwork supports somewhat to leave room for switch machines, since I have some idea as to where the yard throat will be on this side.



Close up.



I ended the homasote a little before the edge of the layout, since I will put in some 1/2" MDF for the track to attach to. It will be alot better for lining up the track than the homasote is.



Drop down bridge is in the up position to give a better view of how the trackwork has to be laid out to avoid any turnouts on the seam.



I also got to work on the yard throat.



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