Vacation '07

I took off the last week of August and 3 weeks of September to go on vacation with my parents. We made our way all around Colorado, and these pictures were all taken on the ex D&RGW main line. It was alot of fun, and I hope to make it back there within the next few years. I'll let the captions do the talkin'.

This Caboose was at the city of Eagle Visitors Center. Got to climb all around it and up in the cupola. Pretty cool!


Man, I miss the Rio Grande.


West Portal of Moffat Tunnel in Winter Park.


Looking back on the rails.


At Hot Sulpher Springs. Green over Red means I'm in for some action!


And here it comes!


First time I'd ever seen a CSX loco in real life.


We are at the top of Byers Canyon, and the rumble of the train sure is loud.


A little DPU on the end.


Eh, it's my parents eating lunch while I'm taking pics of the train. That's the Colorado River if you hadn't guessed.


Not long after the BNSF went by, here comes the local, 2 engines and 8 cars.


Skip ahead a week. Now we are at the East Portal of the Moffat Tunnel.


UP coal trains.


Mid train helpers.


Right after that coal train went thru, we heard the fans kick on and....


... the valley was filled with the tunnel's exhaust.


Just down from the East Portal, looking towards Tolland.


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