June 10th, 2007

Wow, lots done this week. I wanted to see what the layout would look like with some backdrops in. So with some help from my pops, we put up almost a full 4 x 8 sheet of 1/8" masonite on the upper level above the yard. I also put in some backdrop along the yard area.
The benchwork supports continued down the shared wall and around the corner towards the entrance to the room. In my plans, I wanted a full wall put in between the entrance to the layout room and the helix, so using the same size MDF as the rest of the layout, I "framed" a wall. Once that was in, I put up the lower level benchwork on the Bishop side. I can't wait till I start on the helix!



With the help of my father, we put up almost a full sheet of 1/8" masonite for the upper level backdrop.



Framed wall being built in the room



New "wall" installed. The blue tape is where the helix curve will be located at.



I wanted this area between the isles to be completely blocked to give you the feeling that you go to a different place in the room, rather than just looking over the top and seeing into the next isle.



Full shot of the "wall"


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