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Tortoise switch machine just barely made it between the rear helix track and the support.



Turnout is done and the siding track is glued down. I'll cut the ties to the correct length later.



Here we are looking towards the north end of the June Lake siding. I will have another short siding that will be used for a pocket for the helper locos when waiting to assist a train down the mountain.



Looking back towards the previous photo, this is where the north switch for the June Lake siding will be.



Once I finished the homasote, I couldn't resist spiking down some flex track and running a train over the new area.



As she pulls onto the siding from the main....



...the whole train is strung around a large "S" curve.



Here we see the caboose about to be in the clear



The whole shabang. 4 locos and 32 cars. The siding ends just past the caboose on the right. Man, I need to get those backdrops painted!


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