August 20th, 2008


Ok, enough with the diesel detailing! It's back to work on the layout for a change. Due to a fall I took while skateboarding 2 weeks ago, and the surgery I had just one week ago to pull my fractured cheekbone back into place, I've had some time off of work. And what better way to spend it that working on the layout. Since I had already glued down the ties for the south turnout at June Lake, I decided that would be a great place to start at. Originally, the turnout was to be a #10, but after spiking some track down, I had to make the diverging route a bit less sharp, so it came out to be a tad over a #11. I also had to sand down the homasote a bit to match the shims I put under the passing siding homasote. Once that was lined up and the test cars were rolling smooth, it was time to glue down the homasote. Just had to add one more thing. Cardboard shims for some super elevation. These were cut from a box of Cheez-It's. After making a pencil line with the homasote, I glued them down around the outside. They are not a real thick shim, but enough for a passing siding. Plus, it doesn't take much to get that "lean into it" look. I continued with the homasote all the way around to across the isle. In this area, I'm going to have a short house track, which will also serve as a siding for the helper units while they wait for a southbound train. While the homasote for the passing siding was gluing, I sat in place the homasote for the main line. I still have to cut out some more cardboard strips and glue it down. But it's ready none the less.With the glue dry, I couldn't resist spiking some track down and running a train around the top. It also confirms that my passing siding here will be plenty long. I also cut the homasote out for the turnouts on the north end of the June Lake siding and am ready to start laying the turnouts. But that's for next update.



Clamping down the homasote for the siding here at June Lake



Begining to lay the turnout. Autoracks are the best at finding bad spots in the trackwork.



Turnout is almost done



Cardboard shims used for super elevation. Just spaced at random.



All the shims are in and the homasote is ready to be glued down.



Here is a side by side comparison of the high main and lower siding.



Seems like I'm always standing on a stool. Overall view of the June Lake siding.


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