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Do you believe in ghosts? Here we have Santa Fe #2964, SF's only GP40, which come to them from PC via the TP&W. #2964 was assigned this number in Jan. of '84. In Jan. of '88, she was destroyed at Pico Rivera, CA in a horrible wreck. But on the OVS, she lives on. This was an odd production for Atlas, since this loco was only in the Yellowbonnet scheme for 4 years. I guess they thought if it was painted in Santa Fe colors, then it would sell, because of most people not knowing the story. Well, I for one couldn't pass up such a nice looking loco, even if it meant changing history.
There were only a few pictures on the internet that I could find to work from, and all were from the left side, but I'm sure this loco followed typical Santa Fe practice. #2964 is a good looking, unique loco that is now ready for service on the Owens Valley Sub.
Details include:
BLMA cut levers, MU hoses, air hoses, sunshades, windshield wipers, AC unit and antenna stand
Atlas horn raised up a bit
Atlas bell
MT Z scale couplers
Digitrax DZ123 decoder
weathered with chalks


Stock (well almost stock)

Detailed (unweathered)

And weathered


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