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Up this time is an Atlas B39-8 lettered for the GE leasing company LMX. The main differences between a B39-8 and a B40-8 are all internal, so that is why this loco is listed in the B40-8 section. Burlington Northern was the major user of these locos, and since my layout includes BN trackage rights, I decided to get a few of these. Anyhow, I had bought it off ebay and it came with a decoder installed and had some airbrushed weathering applied. These locos are pretty good looking stock from the factory, so it didn't take too many details to get it up to par with the rest of the fleet. I did lower the shell on the frame to help get rid of that large "gap" in the rear. This wasn't hard to do, as there are just 6 small nubs that stick out on the frame that needed to be filed down. I also filed down the 4 round nubs that help hold the shell in place. After this was done, I added some frame rails to the rear behind the fuel tank using some code 80 rail. This helped make it look alot lower and closer to the prototype. Anyhow, here's the list:

Modified Atlas plow
Lowered body on frame
Frame rails installed behind each side of fuel tank
BLMA cut levers, air hoses, MU hoses, rear view mirrors and windshield wipers
NSN horn
Sunrise Enterprises Fire Cracker antenna
Atlas Bell
Z scale couplers
Weathered with chalks and an airbrush

I need to get some of my BN locos done so this one can run with the correct consist.








height difference and frame rails added




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