April 12th, 2007

Almost a month later, I finally got around to working in the train room again. The major setback was getting the time to drive the 100 miles down to Ikea in Pheonix to pick up the hardwood laminate flooring I wanted to put down over the top of the real hardwood flooring already installed. Since I took out the wall, the hardwood flooring in the train room and the cement floor in the storage room did not meet up. To fix this, I put down some 3/8" plywood over the cement floor and that brought the level up even. Then came the quite easy task of putting down the laminate flooring and painting the ceiling a sky blue.



New Ikea laminate flooring over the existing hardwood floor. The plywood over the concrete is towards the back.


Looking towards the entrance of the train room. The green painted piece of masonite is the future color of the facia. I also brushed a few strokes of blue on the wall to see if the color will look good. The chair is for my pops to sit in and chat with me while I work.


Gettin' there! I decided against painting the walls blue, since they will be covered up by backdrop/railroad/facia/skirting when I'm done.


Painting the ceiling blue. The plastic used to cover the flooring was saved from the new couch I bought while down at Ikea.


More blue paint, and the ceiling is finished. Thou it's obvious in this pic, the area where the closet was blends in pretty good when standing in the room.


On the floor is 1of the 8 fluorescent light fixtures I'll be using to illuminate the room. After putting the final track plan to paper, it turned out that I needed to put the wall studs back in that I had taken out a month earlier.



After rearanging the wiring in the wall studs, all that was left to do was mount all 8 light fixtures to the ceiling above the future isleways.


Finished layout room. Lights mounted, floor in, ceiling painted, now we are all ready to start on the benchwork!!!




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