March 16th, 2007

During the Month of Feburary, I found and purchased a home that had everything I was looking for, especially a train room. Finally no more renting! Move in day was March 1st, 2007. The room that was to become my train room was 11.5 x 12. Next to this room was a storage room that was 11.5 x 6. All I needed to do was take down the wall that separated them, and I would achieve a room size of 11.5 x 18.5. Not a huge room, but good enough for what I had in mind.



Looking into the right side of the room from the entrance. The closet doors had already been removed.


Looking at the left side of the room from the entrance. The boxes of train stuff are begining to pile up.


The storage room is only accessed from outside of the house. This is looking into the room from the backyard.


Let the demolition begin!


The sheetrock is history! Now for the other side...


Looking in the trainroom from the entrance, you can see the storage room door that goes out to the backyard.


The wall is outta here! Though this wall was not a load bearing wall, I felt a little uneasy about taking out all the supports, so untill the layout plans were finalized, I left it in place.


The next day, I took the closet walls out.




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