September 16th, 2009

Wow, a month since last update. Seems like forever. I haven't been in the layout room much at all in this last month. Sitting at the workbench detailing locos or wasting time on the computer has taken up much of that time. I have ran a few trains around the upper level though. I also got the passing siding dilema at Mammoth hammered down. I had to move some things around and make some compromises, but at least I'll be able to fit in a 30 car train on the passing siding, which will keep the main line traffic flowing. I still have to change some of the lowered benchwork at the Owens River Gorge. That will happen after vacation, which I will be on for the next 3 weeks.

The biggest surprise of the month (and pretty much the year) was a visit from a well known N scaler, Mark Lestico. A friend of mine, Frank Kenny, whom I met through emails, is an operator on Mark's layout. Frank told me that Mark was coming to Sedona for vacation and I should email him. So I did, and we hit it off really well. Mark was staying here in Sedona for a week, and we got together 2 of the days he was here. We had alot of fun chatting, and I learned alot from our conversations, which will help me when it comes time for operations. He also invited me to an op session on his layout when I can get out to California. Can't wait for that!



One of the compromises I had to make was moving the main and siding further back towards the backdrop at Mammoth. For this to happen, I had to cut out a whole new piece of wood for the area and move some of the supports. Old one out, new one sitting in front of the staging tracks to the left.



Here was the other compromise. I had to move the Owens River Gorge bridge further down to the left. The old support is still attached on the left side. Need to take it out and move the lowered benchwork to accommodate.



Here the new subroadbed top is installed, and I've started to line up the roadbed for the turnout.



Here is how far I've had to move the Owens River Gorge bridge back. About 10".



Bridge repositioning. The old support used to be located under the locomotive.



The turnout for this end of Mammoth siding will butt up to the bridge.



The whole area.



Me and Mark Lestico, of Cascade Sub fame



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