September10th, 2008

Construction and track laying continues on the upper level. I glued down almost all of the passing siding at June Lake. I also installed one turnout and have the ties glued down on the other turnout for the helper pocket off the siding. On the main, I have the roadbed glued down all the way to the north end of the June Lake siding. I'm working on the ramp down from the main to the siding, trying to get it just right. The first one I made was way too steep. I have also gotten the roadbed cut out for the main line north of June Lake all the way around to Bridgeport. That should be glued down here pretty shortly and included in the next update. Since I've been putting about a 45 degree angle on the recent pieces of homasote roadbed and liking it, I went and ripped up the top loop on the helix and redid it. This also allowed me to put the cardboard shims under it for super elevation, instead of having to sand down the top. The sanding lead to a very uneven super elevation. It was the first time I was "de-constructing" the layout. Now there are a few more places I'm eyeing at redoing. Eh, 2 steps forward, one backward. The layout will -eventually- get done I hope!



Here I've glued down the passing siding (in front) with the main line temporarily spiked down.



Glueing down the roadbed for the main.



Another Main/Siding comparison using autoracks, my favorite type of rolling stock.



Gluing down the roadbed for the siding.



Looking south while waiting for the roadbed to glue.



Here is one of the turnouts for the helper pocket being installed.



And now it's done!



Looking northbound. The helper pocket on the right will come back on the siding just pass the end of the flextrack.



Ripping up the roadbed on the top loop of the helix to redo it.



Shims for superelevation, roadbed and track.



Roadbed done but track is just temporarily spiked down.



Looking towards the south end of June Lake siding. I need to install a turnout on the main, and I've been taking pictures of my progress for a future "how to" article.



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