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Up this round is an Atlas SD60 in the Oakway Leasing paint scheme. This loco is foreign road power on the OVS, coming from the Burlington Northern. Road number is 9025, which is stock from the factory and correct for this loco. I found a few pictures of the engine on the web to work from. First on the list was the insides. I added a Digitrax DZ123 DCC decoder to it. Once that was running, I went to the body. I moved the stock horn to the correct position on the long hood. I filled in one of the holes on the cab and took and cut off the lower mounting leg of the horn and glued it in place in the other hole to make one of the two antenna. Then I added a sinclair antenna in the middle of the cab. I added a beacon stand to one side of the cab but left out the beacon, since I'm modeling the time when these had been removed on the prototype. I added some sun shades, some rear view mirrors and some windshield wipers to finish off the cab. I then moved down the pilot and added some MU hoses, a big MU cable, and air hose, and some Z scale couplers. I painted the ends of the molded on cut levers white, as well as the ends of the handrails and steps white. After the body was done, I weathered it up with chalks.
Another unit ready for service on the OVS.



And after


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