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Straight from the workbench is SD45-2 #5803 painted in the kodachrome scheme. This is Intermountain Railway's stock paint job and stock road number, which is correct for my 1988 modeling time frame. This loco is typical of Intermountain, some parts good, some not so good. One of my biggest complaints from IM is the fact they don't include walkway tread on their locomotives. Looking at that smooth walkway just doesn't do it for me, so that was changed. Working from pictures on the internet, details include:

BLMA walkway tread, MU hoses, air hoses, cut levers, windshield whipers, lift rings, rear view mirrors, AC unit, antenna stands, sunshades and beacon stand.
NSN horn
Beacon from Wuttermelon on shapeways
Sunrise Enterprises plow
added airlines made from brass wire on the trucks
Frame rails made from code 55 rail
Full Throttle Z scale couplers
Kato low profile wheelsets
Digitrax DZ123 decoder

The decoder I used had the light outputs fried on it, so there is no lights on this loco. Some day I'll put a new decoder in it, but for now it's ready for service on the layout.






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