October 28th, 2007

After doing some trackwork, I switched gears and started on the backdrops. The backdrops are 1/8" masonite hardboard. The pieces I had previously were of the non tempered style, and as my bad luck would have it, when I went to get the rest of the sheets I needed to complete the backdrops, all that Home Depot had was tempered. So that is why there is some color variation to the sheets in these pictures. I hope the tempered will hold the paint as well as the non tempered. We'll see. Anyhow, I like the look of curved backdrops, so I added in curves in each corner. I have found thru trial and error that the most I can bend these big sheets of wood down to is a 12" radius. So each corner is curved to around that measurement. It's quite a pain to push on the sheet while trying to drill a hole for a screw to go into while keeping the sheet level with the benchwork. All that is left now to do is go back and apply some wood filler to all the screw holes and uneven joints and sand them down smooth. I hate painting of any kind, so it will be a while till these get painted, I'm sure.



I started on the upper level, on the peninsula and worked my way around from there.



And here is the difference in the non tempered (left) and the tempered (right).




This pic is taken in the opposite direction that the previous pic was taken in. Lower level will have the town of Tom's Place, and the upper level will be the Sonora Curve.



Looking back towards the peninsula and helix, both visable to the left. Walker canyon will be located on the upper level where the level is now.



I also got around to finishing the backdrop supports for the helix area. With this in, you won't be able to see from one side of the helix to the other, which makes the main line seem further than it is.



Another view. I made it come out at an angle, but not dead center of the helix.



Looking back towards the helix.



I had to keep the inside of the helix open for access, so the supports are a little inadequate, but once the masonite goes on, it will help support it. I also attached the framework to the ceiling, so I should be good.



I have started to add the supports to the wall for the backdrop here at the future town of Mammoth.


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