October 1st, 2008

Wow, almost a month has gone by since an update. I'm slackin'. Too much forum use and not enough layout building. Since last update...
At the top of the helix, where the June Lake siding takes off from, I will eventually have a Cinder rock industry, like what is found at Darling, AZ. I needed a turnout off the main line, and my initial thoughts was to put it on the semi straight section of the main line right past the June Lake siding turnout. I didn't have enough room for a standard turnout, so this was going to be a specialty. Once I got the ties down and started to put the rails in, I found that it was going to be way too difficult to get a smooth flowing turnout put in. I also didn't like the fact that the main line was going to be going thru the diverging route of the turnout. So that was ripped up. The only other place I could fit in a turnout would be around the corner, above the room entrance. Only thing was the main line and the siding were pretty close to the backdrop already. I "could" fit another track thru there, but it will almost be touching the backdrop. My other option was to tear up the siding track, main and siding roadbed, and move the subroadbed. Lots of work. So I opted to squeeze in the track. It actually came out better than I thought. Once this decision was made, the ties were glued down and the turnout was installed. Now complete, the main line track extends to the yet-to-be-laid turnout at the north end of the June Lake siding.



While working on the first turnout for the cinder plant, I found I needed more light. So another fixture was installed.



The first turnout I tried for the cinder plant. Way too hard to get it to flow correctly and I didn't like the fact the main line was on the diverging route.



So it's outta here.



Just up around the corner was the only other space I had for a turnout. The track has to fit between the main line and the backdrop. It's gonna be a tight squeeze!



By flipping a piece of homasote upside down, the angles matched up and gave me a bit more working room.



Here is the new piece of homasote installed for the turnout.



First part of the rails are laid. Note how close the hoppers are to the backdrop.



Overview. The original turnout location is to the left where the single piece of flextrack is at.



Turnout just about done. Needs guard rails and the ties cut to length.



Still have two more turnouts to install, but the main line is done to this point.



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