November 29th, 2009

So yeah, it's been way over a month since my last update. The layout has been neglected! This time of year is my super busy time at work, and at the end of October, they put even more of a load on us, so my usual times for working on the layout are now gone. I have managed to do a little work here and there, and I also had a good friend come out and visit me for a weekend, Frank Kenny. With his help, there are now cardboard strips added to the Walker River Canyon area!!! He also wanted me to demonstrate how I hand lay turnouts, and now I have a #11 done at the bottom of the helix. Funny thing is I told him how easy they are to build, and it just so happened that everything that can go wrong when building one DID! Needless to say, I didn't really convince him that handlaying turnouts is the way to go. Maybe next time. So here is the pictures for this update....



The #11 turnout at the bottom of the helix. All the things that can go wrong when building a turnout happened with this one.



Just need the guard rails installed and this one is done.



Can it be? Is this the beginning of scenery on the Owens Valley Sub?



Yes it is! My friend Frank did all this carboard webbing for me while I hand laid a turnout. This is the Walker River Canyon area.



The next day I decided to cover all the carboard webbing with 2" wide masking tape to get a feel for the mountains. This alows me to change things if needed before I put down the plaster.



This is the furthest you'll be able to see into the canyon when standing in the isle. The Walker River will "disappear" between the two hills.



Here is the section from further away. I still need to add tape to the rest of the cardboard webbing.



Can't resist running a train out of the tunnel! The upper level staging is just on the other side of the wall/tunnel from here.



I really want to get the plaster cloth put down on here so I can start on trees, bushes, rock faces, ect....



One last shot of a stack train coming out of the tunnel (which reminds me, I need to start naming these tunnels, or at least give them a number)



Frank Kenny (cprxrailway) and me. Thanks for visiting and all the help Frank!



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