November 28th, 2007

With the backdrops in, I went back to the main line. After spending quite a bit of time planning where the turnouts were going to go in the North Bishop industrial area, I finally commited on the main line's placement. With that over, it's just putting down the subroadbed as I keep the grade at a steady 1.8% untill the curve, where the town of Tom's Place will be located. At the curve, I upped the grade to 2.1%, and put it back to 1.8% just before going over the future high bridge, which I have yet to name. Once the main line is over the bridge, it will reach the town of Mammoth. But untill then, here is what is built so far.



Here is the future North Bishop industrial area. This is where the tracks will drop down to a single main line. You can see the curve drawn on the MDF just in front of the building in the background.



And here is the start of the grade. I left this area flat for future buildings to be placed here.



The bridges are where the main line will cross the Owens River and the building in the background is just for a visual aid.



Another shot of the bridges. The piece of wood is temporary untill I model some bridge piers for the bridges to sit on.



Looking back around the curve. The subroadbed on the right is 4.5" taller than the subroadbed on the left.



Another shot looking back at the curve.



Overall view.



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