November 11th, 2007

With this update, I finished putting up all the backdrops, as well as reran the light switch to a more accessable location, since the original location was to be covered up with backdrop. Not much else with this one, as my day job has kept me from getting alot done in the train room.



Looking over the helix towards where the upper level main line will curve thru the wall into staging in the laundry room.



Close up shot. This is the sharpest curve on the layout at 18". This is where the tracks will meet up with the Walker River and head up Walker Canyon.



Here we have what was left over from my previous layout. I thought the blue on that layout was "too blue". The blue swash that's on the upper level is the same paint I used for the ceiling. After putting it on the masonite, it seems "too light" so I'll end up finding a color between them for the backdrops.



All that was left to do was cover up this window and the entrace to the layout room. Here is all the supports for the backdrop in place. Notice the wire extending from the wall outlet.



Here is the light switch extension wire. I ran it up over the supports for the backdrop, and down to a rocker switch mounted next to the drop down bridge, which is just under the blue painted piece of masonite.



And here is the finished product. The entrance to the layout room is now cut down quite a bit.



Close up to the left of the entrance, over the helix.



And here is to the right of the entrance. Note the former light switch is now covered up.



Overall shot looking into the layout room from in front of the yard.



And here we are looking back at the yard from the end of the peninsula. With the backdrops up, it has sure made the layout seem alot bigger than it really is. =)



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