November 4th, 2008

Just a quick update here. Since my previoius update, my paint choice has been less than desirable. The upper level blue was just wrong. What was I thinking??? And the lower level sky blue color had a small tint of purple in it when viewed under my layout's lights. Just goes to show, what looks good on the computer screen or at the paint store might not look good on the layout. So back to Home Depot for another comparison of sky blues. After the backdrops have gotten 3 different colors of blue, I found the final colors. I still went with 2 different colors for the lower level and upper level, but they are alot closer match to each other. For the lower level, my first color choice was Behr's 550B-4 Costa Rica Blue. It has been replaced with the next step down. #540B-4 Horizon Haze. Much better. I could even see the purple tint when painting over it, and in the paint chip card when placed next to the new color. As to the upper level... well, I must have misplaced my brain that day. Original color was waaaayyyy to deep blue. It was 550B-6 Isle of Capri. New color replacement is 540B-5 Riviera Blue (one step above 540B-4)
Now the backdrops "feel" better when walking into the layout room. So here's what is done so far:



New paint on both levels. Much better looking than the previous choices.



Although this picture is a bit dark, the upper level is quite a bit lighter and brighter in person.



More of the lower level. All the screw holes and seams have been filled, sanded, and smoothed out.



Looking back on the loco service area.



Old color choices on the left. New colors on the right. Note the purple tint on the old color.



Quick shot of the loco service area with a nice blue backdrop =)



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