May 29th, 2011

So here we go. New flooring is in, walls are painted, just a few touch up things to do and construction will begin! I've sat the helix in place and taped out the new plan on the floor to get a look at it. Still not 100% on it just yet, gonna walk around in there a bit and see how it feels. There are a few clearance issues that I might need to resolve while the benchwork goes in. But for the time being, I'm pretty excited about this new plan.
As with the old layout plan, there are a few compromises I had to make this time, but I think the new plan will flow a bit better. Siding length will not be a problem, but the yard area has been shrunk down a bit. Not so much the length of the yard tracks, just the area available to the engine facility, RIP track, yard office, ect. Still not sure where the engine facility is gonna go, I'll have to squeeze it in somewhere. Switching areas have been increased, so that's a big plus. Trackwork will flow a whole lot better this time around, since I have a bunch more experience building turnouts. The first plan was still a bit ridged due to the use of the Fasttracks paper turnout templates. This time I'll just put in a turnout where I want one, no more using the templates.

At the time of the broken pipe, I was heartbroken, but it seems this catastrophe was a blessing in disguise. I've taken the opportunity to upgrade a bunch of things around the house. Took out some tile and replaced it with carpet, new tiling in other areas, as well as new carpet and countertops. Because I'm doing all my own work, it's going slow, but steady. Layout updates won't be as frequent as they were when I first started last time due to all this other work, but I will update as much as I can.

Thanks for following along as I start on Version 4 of the OVS.



Looking into the new train room. New flooring and a different color paint on the walls. I also moved the layout lighting switches to the wall on the left. 1 switch for upper level lights, one switch for lower level lights. Also note the volume control above the switches. I wired in room speakers while the ceiling was out.



One of the light strips left over from the previous layout.



In room speakers. Best upgrade I've done yet!!! Love having music play while I'm working in there.



Looking back at the entrance.



I had the sheetrock guys leave the holes in the wall for the upper and lower level tracks from the laundry room, since they will still be used in the same place on the new layout.



Helix in place on the new plan.



Looking to the right as you enter the room. The upside down "U" shape will be all switching area.



Yard still on the right.



New peninsula coming out from the rear wall instead of from the wall on the left.



There will be a wall up from the middle of the helix on the left to the house wall on the right, so this view will not be seen after too long.




Looking back toward the entrance again. The helix is sitting in about the same place as it did before, just twisted.



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