May 17th, 2007

I started getting the upper level supports in on the peninsula this week. To keep the thickness of the supports as minimal as possible and still retain a good amout of strenght was not that difficult to do. I cut a dado half way into the support pieces and the same size dado into the cross members. Once lined up, they drop right into place, keeping the upper level even.

Benchwork also continued around the wall and in front of the door that used to be the entrance to the storage room. Getting the benchwork supported without screwing into the door was challenging, but it turned out great and it's pretty strong.


Dado cuts are made halfway into the supports.



Same size dado cuts are also made into the cross members.



Sliding in....



And there it is, strong and level.



Upper level supports are finished!



Head end view. The facia will be secured to the end of the two supports.



Looking towards the end of the peninsula. The town of Bridgeport will be located here on the upper level.



Beginnig to run the supports down the far wall.



Building the benchwork in front of the door without securing it to the door.



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