May 12th, 2009

It's been at least a week since I've even turned on the lights in the train room. The layout room is still a mess from the scenery escapade I had. Needless to say, I've been really lazy to get anything moving. About the only thing that I did do layout wise was go into the laundry room and move some track around on the upper level and get some Atlas #7's set in place for the staging yard throat. But that's been it since the last update.
Then last night while at a FMRR club meeting, I found out that there will be an NMRA meet here in Sedona on the 20th of June. So a bunch of the guys from the club will be coming down to go to the meet in the morning, and then coming to my house in the afternoon to see my progress and watch some trains run. So that gives me a month to get some major work done (I'll be taking a weeks vacation at the end of may to go to CA to get pictures for my backdrops). What needs to be done... well, I need to build removable reverse loops in the laundry room for continuous running, need to glue down a bunch of homasote (Bishop yard all the way to the helix) and lay track and wire it. That should at least get some trains running around the layout. There is one section that I could possibly get some cardboard webbing put in place also.
So I need to get off this lazy, do nothing binge and get to work. So here is just a few pictures of how the layout room looks right now, mess and all.





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