March 29th, 2009

Lots more done in the train room this last week. Since doing the turnout tutorial for trainboard, I've been in the hand laying mood, so I went ahead and finished up the north side of the June Lake siding. Completed both the #10 on the main to siding, and the #8 from siding to helper pocket. Also glued down the flex track for both and now I can call this area complete.... except for wiring that is. This will be done later, when I'm more in the "wiring mood".
I've also put in place all the upper level main line roadbed and glued down most of it. Just have two more pieces to glue down. Those will be taken care of this next week. And like I normally do, once I get some roadbed glued down, I have to put the track down also. Up to tonight, I have the track in place from the north end of June Lake siding to half way around the peninsula. I only have about 25 more feet of track to put down and the entire upper level main line will be done. I can't wait to run a train across the complete upper level!



Gluing down the roadbed. 24" radius curve



Around the peninsula. All clamped and waiting for the glue to dry.



Roadbed ready for gluing in Bridgeport...



...and on around the yet-to-be-named siding.



Still have one more #10 to lay, along with getting the siding roadbed cut out and glued down.



The old magnetic ballasts that came out of my recent light swap are used as weights to hold down the roadbed.



The #10 at the north end of June Lake siding is going in.



#10 about done, and working on the #8 for the helper pocket.



All done!



Looking back the other way.



Here is a from-the-ceiling shot of most of the train room. Yep, it's a mess.



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