March 17th, 2013

More and more progress this last month! After doing a temp setup on the signals, I purchased new relays, set them up under the layout and wired up CP North June Lake. Gotta love seeing the glow of red and green in there now! After that, I changed out the subroadbed on the upper level that crosses June Lake siding. After I had cut out for double stack clearance, it made the MDF kinda weak, and I wasn't happy with it. So I replaced it with spline. Even cut out, it's still pretty strong, better than before.
I was also having a slight sag on the upper level peninsula, so that was fixed with a 1/2" galvanized pipe. With the upper level stronger, I turned to installing some already hand laid turnouts salvaged from the previous layout. These will run to spur tracks at Bridgeport. One on the main, one on the siding. I also added the subroadbed and spur track for the cinder pit that will located at the end of the helix. Of course I had to finish that turnout that's been sitting there as well.
I also completed the roadbed for the rest of the upper level. While doing this, I figured out where I wanted the Walker River to cross the main line and cut out the spline for the wood trestle that will be installed at a later date.
Ok, lots more pictures to upload, better get to it!


June Lake main and siding signals


June Lake main double head signal. Had to skew it a bit so the engineer can see it while coming around the curve.


Close up of the signals.


Bank of relays for North June Lake siding signals.


Replaced this section with spline to make it stronger


Cut out to meet up with the pre existing roadbed.


Cut out for double stacks


What a mess! New upper level over June Lake siding. Now I can finish the backdrops.


Salvaged turnout from the previous layout. #8 off the main to a future industry at Bridgeport.


Roadbed cut out and homasote under the turnout cut down to fit.




Same for here. Salvaged turnout. #7 off the siding, this will be used for run a round movements for switching at Bridgeport.


Track cut out and roadbed removed


Cut out and installed


slight sag at the end of the peninsula


1/2" pipe slid through the supports to stop the end of the peninsula from sagging.


All level now.


Location of the Walker River trestle


Gluing in a support



Spline cut out.


Roadbed glued in from staging....


...along Walker River Canyon....


... to the curve at Sonora. Which completes the main for the upper level. Track is next!


Completed this #8 for the spur at the cinder plant.


Supports ready for the subroadbed


Subroadbed in, track taped down. This area will have a big cinder hill to the right of the tracks with conveyor belts for loading the hoppers. The rest of the hill will be a picture on the backdrop. THIS PHOTO shows what one near Flagstaff, AZ looks like. The tracks come up from the bottom right of that photo.


Gluing down the roadbed.


Pulling the ties apart since most spurs don't have the same "perfect" tie placement as main lines do. The rest of the ties won't be seen, as they'll be burried by cinders.


Completed Cinder Plant spur. Already been switch some hoppers ;)


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