June 30th, 2007

After working so long on all the benchwork, and drawing in possible track arrangements on the subroadbed, it was time to acctually put down some homasote and get some track in. I dont' like to draw trackplans and then copy from them, I like to get the space up and then lay the track as I go. I will have an idea of where I want to locate certain things, but the acctual position of the track will get worked out "full size". That would be why there is no "track plan" page, just a "benchwork outline" page. Also in these pictures you can see the paper turnout templates used for handlaying. I was just getting an idea of where to put the yard throat, ect.



Woo Hoo! The first track is glued in!



This is about a 26" curve in the main line. Note the proposed yard throat in the foreground.



One more pic of the new track



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