June 27th, 2009

Since last update, I've gotten a bit more track installed and a curved turnout hand laid. I'm letting the problem with the siding at Mammoth simmer in my head a bit, as I'm still not sure how I want to remedy it. But that will change soon, since I'm almost done with the upper level's track. So far I've installed both the main line and siding trackage at Sonora (still not sure if this will be the final name for the siding or not, as I have a few other names in the mix also). Also laid a curved turnout to a future industry at Bridgeport. I've got most of the wiring in place and I'm about to finish the turnout on the north side of the siding. Once that's done, then all that's left to do is install a few more feeder wires and the detection circuits and the upper level trackage will be complete. I still need to do the entire staging yard for the upper level so that might be the next thing I tackle. I have a friend that's coming to visit in the middle of July, so I need to have the layout running by then, even if it is just some temporary track hooked up in a few places. Anyhow, pictures.......



Working on the siding track



Another view



Here is the south end of Sonora siding with the industry spur temporarily set up. I tried some different glue (white stuff) on the track and didn't like it.



Curved turnout. This is the first large radius one I've done.



Another view.



The main and siding track is now complete. Testing some cars on it.



Siding is about 3/16" lower than the main.



Starting on the north end of Sonora siding. I also have a bridge set on the track in the background, checking to see how it will fit.



Should have this turnout done in no time.



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