June 26th, 2012

Progress has been moving, although there isn't much to take pictures of. Most of it has been wiring. 12v, 5v, DCC bus and loconet, detection, and switch machine dispatch control. I did manage to lay the wye turnout and trackage for the helper pocket.
I use a computer power supply to give me a 12v and 5v power source for around the layout. The detection uses the 12v, the Tortoises use the 5v, since I like to have them throw really slow. I have split the layout into blocks for detection, so I run a 16awg Upper Level bus line that all the blocks split off of. Those blocks have a 16awg line that runs the length of the block, with 22awg feeder wires attached to it from the track. As for the main line turnouts, they are controlled both locally and from the dispatch panel, with a lock out on the dispatch panel that makes the local toggle switch inoperable. That way if Dispatch needs a main line turnout (or an operator forgets to throw the turnout back to main), they have control over it without having to get someone to throw it. So that involves running even more wires. I'll have pictures of this stuff when I get more wiring done. But for now, here's the latest.


Getting ready to put in the wye for the helper pocket. Homasote cut out and glued down. Finding location of throwbar and end of turnout.


Got a few more pieces of main line track glued down along with more EZ Mat.


Ties glued down. Note the toggle switch for the main line turnout all wired up.


Wye turnout all spiked down and ready for testing.


Looking down the tracks with the test cars in the background.


Looking the other way. Tortoise switch machine ready to be installed.


Helper pocket track put in. Note the change in roadbed thickness.


Track painted and wired, Tortoise installed and toggel switch wired.


Overview of CP North June Lake. Wye is a #10, curved main line is about a #12.


Detection circuit (Team Digital) wired up. This is for the Bodie block and the helper pocket. Top 2 blue wires are DCC Upper Level bus, lower blue wires are the 2 blocks, white is 12v and orange is power for the LED lights in the dispatch panel.


Siding track going in.


Test cars. Autorack, single axle Frontrunner and a couple 50' boxcars.


Starting to put down the homasote for South June Lake.


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