June 4th, 2008 - Page 2


Here is the completed track for the Tonopah branch around the bottom of the helix. You can see the train cars sitting on one of the staging tracks in the upper left.



The Tonopah branch line meets the Main line, on the drop bridge no less. The track is just temporary from the end of the curve to just the other side of the building. I have more turnouts to lay in this area.



OOPS!!! Someone needs to tell Track Maintenance to get them guard rails installed on those turnouts!!! =)



Here is one of the upper level lights installed over the engine service area.



Opposite side, above the future North Bishop.



What a difference light makes!!! I clamped some temporary facia to the upper level on the left side, as you can see by the 1/8" hardboard hanging down just below the benchwork and light. With this in place, you cannot see the light when standing in that area.



Here is an 8 footer installed above the yard. With this view, you can see the temporary facia on the upper level.



One more light shot, with the wire running just in front of it.


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