June 3rd, 2010

This update is coming a bit later than I wanted, since all the trackwork shown below has been done for some time now. Lately I've been under the layout getting more wiring done. But who wants to see pictures of wiring? =) I did blow one of my block detectors, so now I'm waiting on another one to show up. That's what happens when it's late at night and you are in a rush to get things done and reverse the + and - power wires. So until the new one shows up, I'll be back at laying track. Might even complete the main line this month..... wait, how many months have I been saying that??



Gluing down more homasote.


The #10 is done. And it sure is close to the bridge!



Another view. Both of these tracks have all the feeders connected now.



Looking the other way. You can see where the homasote ends at in the background, next to the glue bottle



Ready for track.



Track in and some mock up scenery. As I was working on this section, I decided to model a different area that prviously planned and wanted to see what it would look like.



I was going to keep this area kind of flat, just an "inbetween this and that" area, but now I'm considering having the track drop down through Lower Rock Creek Canyon, and follow the real life highway. Not 100% on the tunnel yet though.



Looking back the other way. I need to put up the facia so I can continue mocking up the scenery around the bridge and below the track.



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