July 27th, 2009

Just a quick update, since there hasn't been much done to the layout lately. I've been busy lowering cars that are too high and body mounting couplers. Also been going through all my Fox Valley Models metal wheels and separating the wobbley ones from the true ones. So far I'm at a 50% good to bad rate. Gonna try to send the bad ones back to FVM and get new ones. I've been told by a few people that they take them back no problems. So we'll see.
Anyhow, layout-wise, I've decided to glue the fascia pieces on instead of using screws. I originally wanted to fill, sand, and then paint the holes and seams to give a smooth, seamless look. This ended up being too much of a chore, so I skipped the screw hole deal by gluing the fascia on. The seams between pieces will still get filled, sanded and then painted. This will cut down on the amout of spray painting I'll have to do in the layout room. So up till now, I have 3 pieces painted Hunter Green, and 2 of them glued in place. I also cut out one more piece of fascia and it's temporarily in place at the south end of Sonora siding.
Along with the fascia, I've printed out pictures of the area I'm modeling and have them hanging around the layout. Gives me a bit more inspiration to get the main line done and start scenery. Speaking of scenery, I was bored one night and wanted to see how the end of the upper level would look like with a mountain in place. So I cut out and glued some cardboard strips in place and covered it with 2" brown tape. Man, I can't wait to start on some scenery!



I was bored one night so I made this real fast. Wanted to see what it would look like. This is NOT the normal viewing angle.



Another shot. This IS the normal viewing angle. The wood portal is just temp. Waiting on some concrete ones. (Frank!)



All of the weeks work in this shot. Lowered centerbeam and woodchip cars, body mounted couplers, FVM metal wheels, block detection and track wiring, painted and installed fascia.


Can't wait to get the river in along with the rest of the scenery!



Looking back the other way. I still have to glue in that last painted piece of fascia. Note the Walker River picture hanging on the backdrop.



Finished the last block on the upper level, located on the right. This detection circuit will also be used for the lower level single track section located directly above this part of the benchwork.



Fascia and pictures at Sonora siding



The south half of Sonora siding, just to the left of the previous picture. This is as far as I've gotten with the fascia.



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