July 21st, 2008


Not much to update at this time; I guess I burned myself out before and during the last update. I did manage to cut out some homasote for the upper level. I also glued down some ties for the yet-to-be-named siding at June Lake, which is right at the top of the helix. One thing that I'm doing with my sidings, is lowering them down some to make them look more realistic. I've been having fun running trains up and down the helix, and detailing more locomotives. Anyway, here is some pics.



Here is the ties glued down for this #10 turnout, at the top of the helix.



I cut the sub roadbed for the siding lower than the main, to make it look more prototypical.



Here is a faraway pic. The loco is sitting on the last curve of the helix.



Just another "train in the helix" photo. =)



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