July 17th, 2011

Not much going on in the train room, been working on my daily driver after it decided to stop running. With that fixed today, I got some time to cut out a few pieces of MDF and assemble some more benchwork.
Added an angled backdrop support over the helix, put up the new wall that will separate North Bishop from Rock Creek Canyon and Mammoth, and put up some more supports on the laundry room wall. I'm itching to try my hand at some spline subroadbed, and the helix is telling me to start there. ;)
I'm sure this time I'll jump around a bit between building things instead of doing one thing all the way through before starting something else.

Oh yeah, I think I need to get some room lights up, this single fixture isn't the best for taking photos...



Wall for the peninsula on this side of the room



Angled backdrop support over the helix. I pushed the end back compared to the last layout to give me more room for scenery.



More wall supports added.



Standing in the back corner of the room. Mammoth will be on the lower level to the left and straight ahead before hitting the helix on the right.



One last shot, need to get those room lights installed so I can take better pictures!



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