July 15th, 2007 - Page 2


My first curved turnout! Note the dashed lines are where the rails are to go.



This curved turnout is on the yard lead, and the diverging route will meet up with the A/D tracks to the right.



Here is the completed trackage so far. From left to right, you have: Yard Lead, Siding, and Main. All the hopper cars in the rear are sitting on one of the A/D tracks. The area between the yard lead and the A/D tracks is where the Engine Facility will be located at. On the left side of the pic you can see that I have laid out all the yard tracks.



Here is a closer view. I'm running a loco with some cars to see how I like this track arrangement.



Looking back over the end of the peninsula. The yard lead is the outtermost track, and it will end just before the river on the other side. From the curved turnout to the end of the yard lead is room for an engine and 15 50' cars.



Both the Main and Siding are superelevated, so that makes it appear that the yard lead is lower, even thou all 3 tracks are on top of 1/2" homasote


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