July 6th, 2011

Apparently I got a benchwork building bug in me, since over the course of 2 weekends I cut out a mass amount of wood and assembled quite a bit of benchwork. I also finished up some other projects around the house, including laying some new tile at the back door. Needless to say, my social life took a beating, but I was told it will recover ;)
So with the new plan, the majority of switching will be located south of Bishop Yard and not at the north end. In fact, I think I'll have even more room with this plan for industries. I will still have the branch line to Tonopah (represented by 2 staging tracks), and I'll have more room this time to model the junction with the Tonopah branch, so that is a big plus.
Upper level wise, I'm still undecided about how I'm going to do the scenery. This time around, I'll have the upper level main line come out over the helix, which will give me more room to model Walker Canyon. The bad part is the last loop of the helix will be hidden (along with some additional track). I have the scenery idea in my mind, but trying to translate that to words would be futile. Guess you all are just gonna have to wait!





The first of the walls going in.



First support of the OVS v4!



checking level.



Lots of supports in. Main line will head out from the wall on the right, South Bishop will be straight back and on the left. The Tonopah branch will come in against the wall to the rear left and curve around to meet the Main where the level is.



More supports for the lower level on the new wall.



End of the first weekend. Next is to get the helix off the ground....



Starting to get the upper level face pieces on. You will notice the upper level supports are quite a bit lower than the hole in the wall. This is needed since the track from the helix will pass around from the left and come out on the right, and will be hidden. The track coming out of the upper level hole in the wall will pass around to the left and curve over the top of the helix and will be visible. Confusing eh.


Helix is now on legs and sitting in position



Looking in from the doorway



Upper level face pieces are all in and the subroadbed of the helix is resting on the support



Starting to add supports along the laundry room wall.



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