January 13th, 2014

I've been meaning to update the site sooner, but it seems like every time I think about it, I get caught up doing something else in the train room. So tonight I put my foot down and told myself no more construction until I get this caught up. At first, I didn't think there was that much to post up, but now that I've gone back over the pictures... well, lets just say I've been pretty busy.

I mentioned last time that I had put down some temporary track from Mammoth to the yard, and that I'm sure it wouldn't be long till I had the permanent track put in, well within the week after the last update, the main and siding at Mammoth was in and wired, as well as the main all the way to the yard. I really wanted to get moving on the yard throat!

Hand laying all the turnouts for the north end of the yard was gonna take some serious time, especially since they needed to be perfect for derailment free operation. So far, with about 50% of them installed, that goal is looking like its been attained. I've spent quite a bit of time switching all sorts of cars in all different configurations trying to get things to act up, and after a few tweaks to some of the rails, I haven't had any more derailments. The ultimate test is an OP session with the guys, but that's a few months out still.

Operations and that "golden spike" are so close, I can almost taste it!


Cork roadbed glued down and the track is going in here at Mammoth.


Working on the turnout at South Mammoth.


Looking back towards the curved turnout at North Mammoth and the helix.


South Mammoth turnout finished. Close to a #11 in size.


Overview of South Mammoth.


The whole siding at Mammoth, looking north


Looking south at Mammoth


Permenant track glued down through Rock Creek canyon


And around the peninsula to Bishop and the yard.


Gluing down the roadbed for the 2 main tracks and the yard lead.


Another view. Locomotive servicing and a RIP track is planned for the area inside the curve.


Starting on the turnout that is the beginning (or end, depending on which way you are going) of double track main line.


Turnout done, working on the main tracks


Laying out the cork for the main tracks along the yard


More cork for the mains heading towards lower level staging


Cut out for the swing bridge at the layout entrance


Had to do single track for the cork since the double track thickness wouldn't make the curves.


More ties glued down and the first rail is laid for the north yard throat!


More rails spiked down. The two A/D tracks are at the bottom of the picture, yard ladder runs along the right side.


Paper templates for the ladder, all #6 in size. Bypass track is to the right. Main 2 (outside), main 1 (middle) and yard lead tracks are glued down (top by autorack). Also, I have started to put down the cork roadbed for the whole yard area.


Turnout to the A/D tracks off the main is almost done. #8 in size.


Down at the other side of the yard, I needed to put in some cross overs. Homasote is cut out to the shape of the turnouts. #10's between both main tracks, and a #8 cross over that will connect to one of the A/D tracks. This is a necessity for a switching move coming from one of the proposed industrial switching areas


Overview of Bishop yard. The angled homasote is the other end of the classification tracks. Still need to finish putting in the cork for the rest of the yard area.


The cork for the cross overs are cut out so the homasote can be glued down


Glued down and ready for ties


One of the A/D tracks are glued down, and the lines are drawn for the class tracks.


3 of the 4 major yard turnouts are done.


Looking the other way. Both A/D tracks have been started, as well as the turnout to the ladder.


Off to the yard ladder we go!


I had a change in the first class track. It wasn't working to my standards, so I moved it around. Instead of it coming off the main ladder (to the right of the pencil lines), I moved it in to the first turnout on the ladder, which is why there are pencil lines now.


I had to have the pencil lines because it was a non standard turnout. Notice the slight curve to it.


Better view of the curve. This configuration still has an "s" curve in it, but not as bad as it would have in the original plan.


The first 2 classification tracks are glued down. I also replaced the wood ties that was the original turnout location with plastic ones. Starting on class tracks 3 and 4.


The Bishop switcher with a cut of cars sitting on A/D track 1.


The first of the two turnouts for class tracks 3 and 4 are done, working on the 2nd one.


I'll end this update with a 26 car manifest sitting on the siding at Mammoth.


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