Happy New Year! I still can't get used to typing in the "10" on all my website stuff. Anyhow, It's been over a month since last update, and I've made some good progress to the Walker River Canyon. More cardboard strips are covered with masking tape, and are awaiting some Woodland Scenics plaster gauze. I did have to pull back the masking tape and cardboard strips around the tunnel portal to put in some tunnel liners and ballast the track. I also printed out a picture taken in May '09 of the canyon and cut it out so it sits over the river in the back corner. The challenge is going to be matching the scenery colors to it effectively! I still have the other tunnel's liner to install and the track to ballast in the tunnel. Then I'll be able to finish the cardboard strips over it, add masking tape, and then on to the plaster. Hopefully that will get done soon, as I'm participating again in Trainboard's 2nd Annual Winter Layout Party. I want to get some basic scenery done by the 3 year anniversary of the OVS, which is March 1st. Plenty of time, right? =)



Test fitting the new tunnel liners.



Had to cut out some of the cardboard strips to get to this area. The tunnel liners are cardboard. The lines in them showed up while bending them. Turned out pretty cool. The ballast is glued down and painted with a wash of black.



Looking into the tunnel, no light is showing through, even though there is a lightbulb right below it for the lower level. Used some tape and black paint to hide any stray light.



Masking tape added back to the hill. And a "just for reference" pine tree made from some clump folage and a toothpic.



This is as far into the canyon as you'll be able to see when standing at this part of the layout. I printed out a pic taken in May of the area to help hide the fact that the river ends into the backdrop. Just gotta blend the scenery to it.



I was having rubbing problems with some cars, and then I realized I forgot to set the portal at the same angle as the superelevated track! Duh! That was fixed fast with a shim.



More masking tape has been added to the cardboard strips.



This shot shows how the river will curve in and out of the scene. Just about time for some plaster!



Need to finish this tunnel's liner and ballast the track inside so I can complete the cardboard strips.



Still not sure how I'm going to work in the river against the backdrop, so I'm ending the scenery here until I come up with a good plan.



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