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Here we have GP60 #4023. I have looked over the 'net and found quite a few pictures of Santa Fe GP60's, but none of this particular loco, so these modifications were made from the pictures I did find. This loco started out as a Life Like (made by Walthers) GP60 #4023. I didn't have to change the number, since this is a correct number for this model. There are a few discrepancies with the stock model (headlights should be in the nose, brake lever instead of brake wheel) but I'm willing to overlook them, since the time and effort to fix them is not worth it to me. Here's what I did add to the this loco. I added a Plow to the front pilot, along with some MU hoses, a big MU cable and an air hose. I added an AC unit to the cab, along with 2 antenna stands, one behind the AC unit, and one just above the air duct and grill. Both stands have antenna added to them. I also installed cab sunshades and rearview mirrors. The stock model came with windshield wipers, which look great. After painting, I added some Micro Trains Z scale couplers and put some frame rails under the trucks, since this area looked too open. The frame rails are just some Atlas code 55 rail flipped upside down and glued to the bottom of the sill. With the shell off, I milled the frame out and insulated the motor and installed a Digitrax DZ123 DCC Decoder. Once the loco was programmed, I put the shell back on and weathered up the entire engine with chalks. The final change was the trucks. The stock one's are incorrect for this loco. Atlas makes trucks that come closer to the correct ones, but they were missing the leaf spring. I cut the leaf spring from the original trucks and added them to the Atlas trucks. Now they are almost exact.
Another unit ready for service on the Owens Valley Sub.






Here is a picture of the added Frame Rails above both trucks.

Here it is "in progress"


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