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I wanted to have some pool power on the layout, and I've always liked the paint shceme of the Chicago & North Western, so I picked up one of these LifeLike/Walthers locos since they were pretty plentiful and really cheap at the time. After looking over some pictures on the 'net of these locos, it wouldn't take much to detail this one up, so this got the basic package. One thing I really like on the prototype is the broom attached to the nose. Really cool feature to add!
Anyhow, details include:
BLMA cut levers, MU hoses, air hoses, lift rings, sunshades and wind deflectors
Relocated horn
custom made firecracker antenna
Sunrise Ent. broom
Z scale couplers
Weathered with chalks
Digitrax DZ123 decoder


Unfortunately I never took a stock pic of the loco, so here is just the detailed version.






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