February 21st, 2008

This last couple of weeks has been spent in the laundry room working on the throat for the staging yard. Up till now, I have 3 turnouts installed and 2 staging yard tracks glued down. At the top of the throat, I had to use a commercial turnout, since it was way too difficult to handlay a turnout that close to the wall. I had an Atlas #5 laying around, so I put that in. It doesn't line up perfectly, but it will do. I'm waiting on some Digitrax UP5 pannels to continue the wiring, so untill they come in, I'll keep going on the throat.



Here is the main line coming into the laundry room.



Looking through the "tunnel" to the train room.



All the ties are glued down and the main chunks of rail are being spiked down.



The first turnout in the throat is a #7, and the rest are #6's. The turnout to the right is an Atlas #5.



Looking up the throat. There are 2 staging tracks already glued down and I couldn't resist putting some trains on them.



The back staging track has a B23-7, GP38-2, GP38, and 35 cars on it. The next staging track has a SD40T-2, GP40, SD40T-2 and 20 autoracks on it.



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