February 17th, 2009


Work continues on the Walker River canyon on the upper level. I've gotten the subroadbed cut out and some Homasote and track glued down. I've also completed all the subroadbed for the upper level. At this point, I'm getting ready to hand lay some turnouts at a few locations. Besides that, there hasn't been much else. I'll let the pictures do the talking.



Here is the proposed track alignment in Walker Canyon.



Once the track was finalized, the subroadbed was cut out.



Adding strips of cardboard shims for super elevation in the curves. I only went with one layer of shims since trains will be going slow in the canyon.



Gluing down the Homasote roadbed. I have the track temporarily spiked down to see how the autoracks roll through the curves.



Here is the finished subroadbed for this side of the room. Bridgeport will be located on the flat area to the left, and I'll have a siding start just above the drill. The paper turnout template is just barely visible in the middle of the picture.



Following the subroadbed along the upper level brings us to the top of Walker Canyon. The siding will end at the bottom of the pic, where the paper turnout is.



Here is the completed track in Walker Canyon. I had to wire up the track and run a train on it. =)



We are back over at the north side of Bridgeport. This is where the siding will start at. A #10 turnout is about to go in here.



Just past the turnout is more cardboard shims for super elevation.



I wanted to have a rail served customer at Bridgeport, so I added the subroadbed for it. I'm going to have to hand lay a curved turnout on the passing siding to reach this industry, shouldn't be too hard.



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