February 13th, 2012

Lots of pictures!!!

So much for keeping up on the updating. Lets see, gotta look back over the pics to talk about what has been accomplished since last update.
Ok, finished up all the upper level supports on the peninsula. Looks like I'll be able to keep the 24" radius I'd originally planned for up there. Might have to move the supports for the backdrop though. I'll tackle that situation when I get there with the spline, which might be sooner than I thought, since I'm getting burned out on backdrops and I've only done a few feet!

Speaking of backdrops, I kept going from the first piece I put in on the peninsula. Made it all the way around the yard and back to the room entrance. As of today, I've filled holes and seams and painted most of it. Need to go back and do a few touch-ups. Sanding the drywall mud is quite a bit different than sanding wood filler, mainly it comes off so FAST! Gotta cool it on using too much muscle!

After painting that section of backdrop, I wanted to see how it would look under the lighting. So out of storage come one of the T8 4' light fixtures. I stripped the ballast and holders off it and into the discard pile went the metal housing. I cut out a few pieces of wood, attached them to the upper level supports and screwed the light holders to them. A few wires later, I had light over the yard. The T8's are a lower wattage light, but they have a higher lumen output and a better CRI than my last lower level lights. So far I'm happy with them.

Along with the backdrops, I put in the subroadbed for the yard and laid out a few strips of flextrack to see how the yard will look. Can't wait to start layin' turnouts!

Oh yeah, I also finished the room lights. No more dark pictures! Woooo!


How about a little blue paint?


Next sheet of backdrop goes in


Yard subroadbed and backdrop


June Lake on top, Bishop yard south on bottom.


Small filler section to go in


Filler piece cut and more yard subroadbed


Laying out some yard trackage


Gluing in a few more upper level supports


Upper level supports stick out about 4" further than the lower level supports since the town of Bridgeport will be located here.


How I get those cross braces even with the backdrop/wall supports
1. Make a 3/4" wide cut half way down these supports


2. Make another 3/4" cut half way down the cross braces.


3. Line them up


4. Slide them in


5. Screw them together from underneath or on top.


Last few supports being glued and clamped. This section needs to be beefy since there will be no supports holding it up and I want to keep sag at a minimum.


Putting in the rest of the room lights


few more. Time for some shoulder killing above-the-head wiring.


Color change. The color on the right looks a bit too purple under these new lights, so it's been changed out.


Curved backdrop on this side of the peninsula. (no more dark pictures!)


I have a very uneven wall along the yard, so to get the backdrop even with the subroadbed sheeting, I had to shim the supports. This one took a whole 1/2" to bring out even.


shimmed and that last piece of backdrop put in.


Taped up and ready for filler


time to sand


Getting there. Always good to have light over head when you are sanding the filler and painting.


Lights are in, wiring is temporary.


A down low shot.


Standing at the yard.


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