Feburary 10th, 2008

After getting the staging yard benchwork up, I wanted to complete the main line from staging to the rest of the layout. To do this, I needed to install a #10 turnout. Originally, I wanted it to be out in the open but I just couldn't get it to fit in before the drop down bridge. I went ahead and glued down all the homasote for the track to sit on, including the drop bridge. Since the track was so close to the wall, it sure was hard to get the spikes driven in. I should have laid the turnout before I glued in the homasote, but hindsight is 20/20. Oh well. It came out pretty good even thou. Next step is to get the wiring in and run some trains across it.



Here is where the drop bridge meets the benchwork. I wanted a better joint than the homasote, so that is why there is 1/2" MDF installed.



The wood is at an angle so it will clear when swung down. Eventually there will be 3 tracks crossing here.



Here is the track glued down.I got the rails as close as I could.



Another view.



Here is where the turnout will be located. The track on the left is coming from staging. This area will eventually be covered up by the town of Mammoth, which will be 7" above the track here.



Top down view. Notice how close the wall is. Sure made it hard to drive in the spikes. I've learned my lesson for next time!



And here is the completed turnout. I'll just leave the ties sticking out, since this will be hidden.



Looking from the drop bridge down the main towards staging. The backdrop will go just behind the putty knife, and I'll end up hiding the hole thru the backdrop with a highway overpass.



Here is the bridge in the down position. I'll have 3 turnouts on the bridge, so wiring will be somewhat of a challange.



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