December 21st, 2008

Work and being lazy has been keeping me from getting alot done to the railroad this last month, but I did manage to paint a little bit of the backdrop and wire the rest of the staging yard tracks. I have one staging track left to put in, and it will have a turnout put in it for a removable reverse loop that will be built over the washer and dryer for when I'm by myself and I want to have a train or 2 run while I'm working on the layout. This will be months down the road thou, so for now, I'll just leave the staging yard as is. For the next 2 and a half months, I will concentrat on finishing the backdrop, main line, and dispatch panel for the 2 year anniversary on March 1st.



Here the wood filler has been sanded and is ready for paint



Another view. I have gone back and sunk all the screws along this side of the layout, just need to fill them all in.



This side is now painted. I am going to put in some PVC pipe on the end of the backdrop to give it a nice curve instead of just a flat end




Looking down the lower staging yard. The #10 track will have a turnout put in it about halfway down for a reverse loop that will be built over the washer and dryer.



Wired and ready for use. Each track will hold a minimum of 4 locomotives and 30 cars.



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