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Up this round is an Atlas B40-8W in the Santa Fe Warbonnent scheme. Even though this style of locomotive is ahead of my modeling time frame, I just couldn't refuse getting a few. I really like 'em! These locos are not that hard to detail, compared to some of my other ATSF or SP locos. The hardest part of detailing this loco was putting in the cut levers in the front. Since the ditch lights go over the front of the cut lever, I had to cut one of the stock mounting pins away and file a groove in the back of each ditch light so they would clear the cut levers. Not hard but time consuming.
One thing that I did different with this loco, and what I will add to all the rest, is the addition of a "frame" under the rear end, just above the rear trucks. This addition was made using some old Atlas code 80 rail flipped upside down and glued to the shell. This made a world of difference when viewed from the side. It no longer has that "see thru" look. This loco came with a stock Lenz decoder so until I get some extra money to change it out, it will have to do. Anyhow, another loco ready for service on the railroad!
Details include:
BLMA cut levers, rear view mirrors, MU hoses and Air hoses
Gold Metal Models windshield wipers
Modified Atlas plow
Added frame rails
weathered with chalks
Z scale couplers



Stock (563 is exactly the same)




Frame difference. Modified on top, stock on bottom


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