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Here we have an Atlas B23-7 lettered for the Southern Pacific. The road number is #5100, which is correct for this locomotive. SP didn't have many of these locos on their roster, which is a shame, since I really like 'em. Anyhow, this was supposed to be a small detail job...well it turned into a large detail job. Seems the more I study prototype photo's, the more I see, and the more I want to include them on my models. So, here is the list of details....
NSN plow
BLMA MU hoses, air hoses and cut levers
Z scale couplers
NSN nose light added, filled with Kristal Klear, and cheap fiber optics installed so it will light up
BLMA windshield wipers, wind deflectors, sunshades, and AC unit
Custom made antenna stand using some BLMA etched metal parts
Cutsom made arm rests
NSN front UDE light filled with Kristal Klear
NSN rear light package filled with Kristal Klear
Custom made electrical cabinet on walkway behind cab
Custom made horn using 2 Atlas horns
Atlas bell
Custom made air line next to bell
Digitrax DZ123 decoder
Weathered using chalks
I had alot of fun detailing this locomotive, and now it's ready for service on the OVS.







Cheap Fiber Optics for the front headlights



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