April 8th, 2012

Now that the roof is done, it's back to working on the layout. While adding more spline roadbed to the upper level, the backdrop supports at the end of the peninsula were looking like they'll need to be removed. I couldn't get the main line around the end and still have plausable scenery in that location. I ended up removing 3 of the backdrop supports. It's actually pretty cool now, the upper level backdrop doesn't follow the lower level backdrop. After those were removed, I continued the spline roadbed around the peninsula, put up the backdrop sheets of hardboard and filled all the holes and seams.


Originally I'd have the upper level backdrop curve around like the lower level, but that didn't work out so these 2 supports had to come out.


Hacksaw blade was used to cut them out.




More spline roadbed.


Future area of the ghost town of Bodie.


And around the end of the penisula. The spline ends where the town of Bridgeport will be located.


Looking back. Note the vertical end backdrop support (above the white filled holes on LL)


Another backdrop change. That end support was removed to make more room for the town of Bridgeport.


Gluing spline


Backdrops going in


More UL backdrops


Changed the end support for the backdrop.


Horizontal supports for the backdrops. Eliminates the waviness when bending the hardboard to a small radius curve.


More clamping and gluing. Note the new position of the upper level backdrop and how it differs from the lower level.


Filled and ready for sanding.


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