July 21st, 2012

After the wiring stint, I figured I better get that last section of benchwork up and the backdrops put in so I can continue to install the splines. I took the first week of July off for my bday, and having a few days dedicated to layout work helped to get it all installed pretty fast. Since then, I have managed to get the main line roadbed and track wired and ran all the way to South June Lake. At this point, I'm installing the turnout. I also did a mock up of Rock Creek Canyon on the lower level. I wanted to see how I'd make the transition from the flat lands of Bishop to the canyon scene. I think putting the track into a long cut will work just great.
Here's how the layout sits as of 7/21/12.


Starting the last of the benchwork. No more going out this door to the back yard.


More supports.


Building across the window.


Upper level getting there. Soon I'll be able to continue that spline roadbed on the left.


Working on the Lower Level.


Recessed section for the top of Rock Creek Canyon or the Owens River (both are plausible). Haven't decided yet.


Tied in to the existing benchwork. All the masonite splines are just sitting there ready to be put in.


Recessed section done. Time for backdrops.


Upper level at Bridgeport.


Lower level completed all the way around.


Town of Mammoth will be located where the spline and drills are at. Walker River Canyon on upper level.


Lower level done, continuing with upper level.


More mundane backdrops.


At the helix. Track at the bottom is ready for spline to be attached to it.


Starting the mock up of Rock Creek Canyon.


Rock Creek will come in from the right and go under the closer bridge, run against the backdrop, then curve back out to the right under the further bridge.


Mock up of the hill and cut used to separate Bishop from Rock Creek Canyon.


Another shot of the cut.


Main line of June Lake installed and wired.


Ties for South June Lake glued down.


Still working on the main line turnout, ties are installed for the spur to the volcanic rock quary.


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