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Oh man, I love these big cowl units! And in Kodachrome?!? Thanks Athearn! I was ecstatic when Athearn released these and I picked up a bunch of both Kodachrome and Yellowbonnet. Of course I had to detail one of the Kodachromes first. The sound in these is pretty awesome, although the slow speed isn't the best. And to program them, you kinda need Soundtraxx's program track booster. I have enough of these to make that purchase worth while. So once this loco was speed matched, it was on to the detailing:

BLMA MU hoses
BLMA Air hoses
BLMA AC unit
BLMA antenna and stand
BLMA lift rings
BLMA cut levers
BLMA windshield wipers
BLMA beacon stand
BLMA rear view mirrors
Beacon from Wuttermelon on shapeways
Frame painted black
Nose lights painted silver
Side window frame painted silver
Microscale anti glare nose decal
Full Throttle Z scale couplers
Factory installed Soundtraxx sound decoder
Weathered with chalks and paint


Stock (5963 is exactly the same as 5957)




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